Sun Moon Lake

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Sun Moon Lake is the biggest natural water body in Taiwan (although at 7.93 square kilometres, it’s not really that big).


Like most ‘tourist attractions’ in Taiwan, facilities are overpriced and it’s prone to being flooded with tour groups.


Which is not to say it isn’t enjoyable eating street food, taking boat rides and visiting temples.


There are tons of hiking trails around the lake and it’s easy to escape the crowds just by venturing along one of these.


Although the surrounding mountains are not so high, there are still some quite lovely views.


The top of the Ci En Pagoda (慈恩塔) gives a good overview of the whole lake.


We took an early bus from Taichung and arrived before 9am. It was easy to find a hotel in November, but harder to find a cheap one. There are quite a few touts selling boat rides, some who speak English, although – this being Taiwan – none are pushy.



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