Food on my doorstep

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I can never take delicious photos of food. I don’t know how and I don’t have the patience to set up a good shot before tucking in. You’ll just have to take it for granted that everything here is really, wonderfully tasty.

I live in the centre of town, surrounded by hole-in-the-wall restaurants and food stalls. Everything is literally no more than five minutes away. If I choose to travel further (10-15 minutes) I also have the option of the best Thai restaurant outside of Thailand, and a quite decent Italian, as well as more Chinese/Taiwanese/Hakka food. But often I’m too lazy for that.

Clockwise: Vietnamese baguette, boiled dumplings, ‘Japanese style’ breakfast, rice-noodles and duck on rice.

Clockwise: fried rice, hot and sour soup, octopus balls (balls of almost Yorkshire pudding-type batter, filled with cabbage and octopus), ‘Chinese burrito’ (soft pancake filled with beansprouts, cabbage, marinated tofu, pork and crushed peanuts).

Left: Japanese restaurant. Right: the finished product.

Choose whatever vegetables, noodles, meat, tofu, dumplings (and other things I can’t identify) that you want. Pay. Wait a few minutes while they boil it in tasty broth, drain it and smother it in thick soy sauce. Eat it.

Left: chicken pho – Vietnamese restaurant, Right: eel set and pork fillet set – Japanese Izakaya restaurant.


Schokolake – DIY chocolate

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Schokolake is a chocolate shop/resort in Miaoli county. Entry is 100NT, but that can be used against the cost of anything you spend there. And you will spend money there because the chocolate is too delicious not to.

DIY chocolate costs 220NT. There’s not much to it – just pour the chocolate into the mould and wait for 45 minutes while it sets. Although it’s quite tasty chocolate, it’s sweeter than I expected from the colour, and tasted better in liquid form than after it was set. I much preferred the chocolate truffles (40-70NT each) or the pure chocolate cubes (250-300NT for a tray, I think).

While you’re waiting for your chocolate to set, you can walk around the gardens, snack at the cafe or even rent a hotel room for a few hours. It’s in a pretty location amongst the mountains of Miaoli, but other than spending money, there isn’t much else to do here. However, for a chance to stock up on good quality chocolate, the trip was worth it.

Look what I found in the toilet…

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I saw this inside a toilet stall at Nanzhuang Tourist Information Center. The only thing I know is that the archway is an entrance to a hiking trail.Perhaps they’re referring to the squat toilet?

Instructions on my baguette

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My apartment in Jhunan

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I’ve been meaning to post a video of my apartment for a long time, so here it finally is. Apologies for the crappy video, but I don’t have time for witty descriptions or multiple attempts to get it ‘just right’.

Before this apartment, I had a 4-bed, 2-bath place which wasn’t that much more expensive. But it was older and shabbier. This current apartment is in the same building, two floors up. The furniture is newer and the windows feel less likely to blow out during a typhoon (although the bathroom ceiling tiles still lift up during particularly windy weather). Certainly my apartments in Seoul were much newer and sleekly-designed (well, maybe not in Gaepo-dong) but it’s nice to finally have a separate bedroom, not to mention spare bedrooms for guests.

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