Currently, I’m travelling around South America. Follow my adventures over at Strolling South America or on twitter @RosannaBird

“Awaiting A Name. I couldn’t think of what to call this blog and this just came naturally. And then I realised that I’m kind of awaiting a name in life, trying to find out who I am. Actually I think we all are, we’re all developing all the time. That’s what life’s about”

This is what I originally wrote here when I started this blog. Now, three years later it’s still relevant I think. Whilst my blog remains primarily as a way to share my experiences with friends and family back home, I hope it’s also providing useful or interesting information to other people too. If you have any feedback please go ahead and comment!



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  1. On a cristmascard from Helen and John we lately got, there we found your site.
    Don’t konow whether you know us but I think we met you sometimes in England at your home, years back.

    And also when you were a small baby I’ve met you in Spain……

    It’s great stuff, what you are doing, congratulations!!

    How long are you going to stay on?

    Say hello to your family

    Carmen and Norbert from Switzerland

  2. ive been thru ur blog and i totally loved the way uve posted abt korea
    the pics and the descriptions
    and infact i find a lot of similarity with my blog whr i posted pics with discription of my trip to korea
    isnt that a wonderful place to visit and stay?


  3. I invite you to India and be my guest 🙂

    Its a good country only if you know where to go and what to see…

    Be my guest, you are most welcome.

  4. i read your blog quite regularly and speak with ur mum who keeps me in’mfd, so i thought id try and communicate with you i’m not very computer literate yet……. hope ur ok and hope we will get together before to long xx

  5. Hi i’m getting a dab hand at this now,ur mum said you had got my message, i didn’t know if it would get to you as was my first time i’d even read a blog…..xx

  6. Hi love, i got your christmas card, it was a lovely surprise, thank you. Hope you have a great christmas wherever you are MERRY CHRISTMAS

  7. I loved your latest Mongolian musings. The style of writing was sparse echoing the landscape but you brought a strange environment alive for us spoilt city dwellers in the west.I was totally transported there. Thanx! H x

  8. Hi love, just had the weekend with your mum and Jon, been up to stockport,she put me back on to your blog, brilliant… hope your well and lookforward to seeing you sometime xxx.

  9. Hi Rosanna–If you have done any volunteering during your travels, check out our book project and consider submitting a story. Please email us if you have any questions.


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