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Maokong lies in the southern hills surrounding Taipei. The area began cultivating tea in the 18th century and exporting it in the 19th century.

Tea production continues today, although Maokong is now more famous as a place to enjoy drinking tea than as a production centre.

There’s an array of tea houses to choose from (50-60 according to the tourist map). Whether you’re looking for a terrace overlooking the views of Taipei, or a hidden garden tucked among tea plantations, it’s a lovely place to while away an afternoon. There are also plenty of easy hiking routes (paved paths) which lead you into quiet valleys and tea fields.

The views of Taipei are stunning but even lovelier is the cable car ride up to Maokong. The carriages are small, with large windows – some even have glass floors (known as Crystal Cabins).

The total ride is about 20 minutes, although there are two stops before you reach Maokong. Tourist info has a good map which shows how the stations, hiking routes and roads (you can also take a bus here) link up. If you get on at an intermediate stop, you might have to wait a while for a cable car with space since most people ride the whole route without stopping.

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